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What is Web Service ? “Software application identified by a URI, whose interfaces and bindings are capable of being defined, described, and discovered as XML artifacts” – W3C Web Services Architecture Requirements, Oct. 2002 “Programmable application logic accessible using Standard Internet Protocols…” – Microsoft “An interface that describes a collection of operations that are network accessible through standardized XML messaging …” – IBM “Software components that can be spontaneously discovered, combined, and recombined to provide a solution to the user’s…

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Instalasi Citrix XenServer ?>

Instalasi Citrix XenServer

Citrix Xen Server merupakan suatu sistem operasi sebagai Hypervisor untuk menjalankan beberapa virtualisasi sistem operasi lainya. Beberapa keunggulan dari Hypervisor Xen Server adalah mempunyai fitur-fitur High Availability (HA-live migration), Backup Disaster Recovery (DR), iShare (ISCSI Storage), Cloning dan backup VM. Berikut langkah-langkah instalasi Citrix XenServer : 1. Masukan cd xen server, atur boot managernya dari BIOS untuk boot from cd/dvd a. (F2) untuk advaced                 b. (F3) untuk xcp-mode          …

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Basic System Security ?>

Basic System Security

Security Assessment adalah proses yang dilakukan untuk mengamankan sebuah system HACKING ability or Skill to manipulate the system —The system can be manipulated : —Network —Software —Hardware— 2. Ethical Hacking —Same as Hacking —Fix the system —Find Hole Vulnerabilities —Targeted —Get permission 3. Black Hat —Black Hat is a pentester can be crack systems without permissions —How to penetrate : —Hacktivist —Vulberability scanner —Password cracking —Bot Spreading —Worm 4. Security Assessment —Profesionalism and have methods —Goal : standardization and regulation —Targets…

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